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6 Steps to Grow Your Small Business with Cold Email

Can business run only on cold emails? Who reads emails these days? I know these questions must be popping up in your head. But let me tell you, cold emails can still help you in generating new leads for your business if done in the right way. Use the six steps to grow your small business with cold emails.

Many businesses still are using cold emails to drive sales. If you are in the notion that emails can only help you close small deals, then you’re mistaken. I have seen examples of companies using cold email to close large enterprise deals too.

These exact steps will help take you as a small business owner and generate great leads for your business.

1. Build a persona.

I have been into marketing for close to two years now, and my most important takeaway in this short span has been the importance of creating the right personas. If you can create the right persona, your half the job is done. But how can you create the right persona? Here are some tips.

The simplest way of creating a person is filtering people depending on certain factors. For example, if I run a marketing agency that serves startups, then I would target the Founders of the startup whose size is less than 50 employees. Get the details and let that help you to send targeted emails.

2. Investing in a tool.

Many people prefer sending cold emails manually, but that’s fine when you want to send 300 emails in a month. But what if you want to send emails at scale, let’s say around 100 per day. You’ll require a tool to help you send emails campaigns of this scale.

Not only will you be able to save on a lot of time, but it also helps you track a lot of metrics such as open rates, click rates & more. One tool that I came across the last few months that’s working well for me is Lemlist. It’s a great tool, especially when you are just starting out.

3. Sending the right emails.

The subject line & the email body is everything. It can make & break things for you. Let’s talk about the subject line first. Your subject line is crucial if you want your emails to be opened & read by your prospects. Try to be very precise with your subjects.

Some of the best subject lines include:

Quick Question
Question for <Company>

Keeping the subject line, a little simple helps a lot. Coming to the content, make sure you have these four elements in the body:

– Personalization (Name, Company Name ).
– Reason for reaching out (keep it short & simple).
– Social Proof.
– CTA (like a meeting link).

Avoid writing long emails as they tend to get fewer responses. Opt for short and sweet.

4. Follow up is the key.

Many people give up in the first followup itself. But following up multiple time is the key, there are times where people get replies even after the fourth or fifth follow up.

Also, make sure to personalize the follow-ups before sending them. Make sure to include a reason for following up each time. Unless you do this, there’s no use of following up, and you’ll end up getting mostly unsubscribes.

5. Quality vs Quantity.

Something that has always worked for me is focusing on quality rather than quantity. I know many would disagree with me, but quality always wins over quantity. So make sure to put your best efforts in each email so that you can end up getting more replies & open rates.

It’s not about the hard work but smart work.

6. Track your success.

Doing everything at the same time doesn’t help. Try to tabulate the success of each campaign before starting another one. By evaluating first, it will help you in executing the next campaign better. If you don’t want to invest in a tool, then you can use Google Sheets to track campaign metrics.

Some metrics you must note are – open rates, responses, link clicks & deals closed.


Hope you had few takeaways from the post. If you’re looking for other ways of the lead generation, then I’ll recommend you to try cold emails. They are still very effective if done correctly.

What are your tips for cold emails? Mention them in the comments below. I’d love to learn them.

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