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Purchase Order Funding

Immediate capital to purchase materials or inventory to secure and deliver an order to your customer.

How does Purchase Order Financing work?

You have a customer who has placed a $50,000 purchase order. Your cost from the supplier is $40,000. This amount must be paid before you can take delivery or have the product shipped directly to the customer. 

The problem is that you don’t have $40,000 to complete the purchase. Working Capital Group, LLC will provide the capital to make the purchase and allow you to secure and deliver the order to your customer.

One we confirm the purchase order meets our requirements, we pay the supplier directly. The supplier will then ship the product to your customer. At this point, you can invoice the customer. 

The customer will pay the funding company and the funding company will forward the payment to you less any charges for the transaction.
Working Capital Group

Right for your business?

If sales outpace your incoming cash flow, purchase order financing is a great solution to fulfill new customer orders while maintaining your cash flow for operations.
Funding based on your open PO's
Does not rely on your credit history
Pay your suppliers upfront
Maintain a consistent cash flow for operations
No added debt on the balance sheet
No equity required

Got Funding? We Do!

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